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Kirsty Blair

Elizabeth Duff

Agnes Bruce


"Hi, my name is Kirsty and I'm very excited to be a part of Empower! I qualified as a mental health nurse in 2013 and have worked in the hospital ever since.

I am currently off on maternity leave after having my son Joseph in January. I was a little worried maternity leave might be boring, but it has been anything but! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking after Joseph and watching him grow (far too quickly for my liking!) I don't think I realised how rewarding it would be to hear him laugh or watch him learn new skills.

Between caring for an 8 month old baby and a pretty high maintenance cat, Belle, I have also been doing my hypnobirthing training and planning my wedding which is in March next year. Fair to say my year has been far from boring!

It was having Joseph that got me interested in hypnobirthing in the first place and it would definitely be fair to say I was sceptical at first. However, I was so scared of giving birth that I was willing to try anything to help make it easier. I am very glad I did give it a go, I really believe I wouldn't have had the positive birth experience I did without it.

My partner and I had face to face hypnobirthing sessions and they were hugely beneficial. I realised I had choices I had never even thought of and my mindset of 'take me to hospital and give me all the drugs' changed and I decided I would have a homebirth. Of course this isn't to say that you have to have a homebirth if you do hypnobirthing, it is really just about making choices that feel right for you and your family.

Joseph's birth didn't quite go to plan and we ended up being transferred to hospital, where he was born about 40 minutes later. Despite this I still feel like it was the best experience! I don't think I have ever felt as invincible as the day Joseph was born. I am passionate all women should feel this and I hope by teaching hypnobirthing I can help women realise they can too."


"As a physiotherapist I have a great respect for the human body and how it works. When I gave birth to two of my children in the 90s, I had the benefit of NCT antenatal classes; I used yoga techniques and trusted in my body and gave birth naturally albeit in a somewhat unnatural environment.


My daughters and I have practiced mindfulness for over ten years and when my niece Phoebe had her second child, she learned and used Hypnobirthing techniques and had an awesomely calm home birth. Hypnobirthing techniques work on calming the mind to allow the body get on with what it knows how to do.


My daughter, Agnes and I were so impressed with this that we decided to become Hypnobirthing trainers to help pregnant mums get the most out of the wonderful experience of giving birth."



"My name's Agnes, I'm a mental health nurse and mindfulness teacher. I run a small wellbeing company called 'Wellbeing with Agnes'. I became interested in hypnobirthing in 2018 when a number of close friends and family opted to use hypnobirthing during their pregnancies. I was blown away by the benefits. Calm, controlled and pain-free was never a way I had heard birth described before.


Hypnobirthing uses techniques similar to mindfulness, so completing a hypnobirthing diploma seemed like an obvious next step. As a medical professional it was important to me that I gained a credible hypnobirthing qualification. In March 2019 I completed my KG hypnobirthing diploma.


I am yet to have children of my own but hearing the wonderful stories of people who have used hypnobirthing it seems like a no-brainer. I'm very excited at the thought of putting the theory into practice at some point in the future. For now, I have the honour of teaching a fantastic birth preparation course."